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Mirabel 2010

Published 11th November 2013
Winemaker Anders Vinding-Diers
Winemaker Anders Vinding-Diers

Mirabel 2010, Extremadura symphony of flavors

Blend of 65% Tempranillo and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for 8 months in French oak barrels second use. Limited production of 5,733 bottles.

Let us in the post this week start by telling a little story very international. Once upon a time a winemaker, viticulturist and winemaker African, Anders Vinding-Diers , son of famed Danish winemaker Peter Vinding-Diers and the no less famous cousin Peter Sisseck, author of one of the most expensive wines of Spain, Pingus, which after learn all about wine and its processing by their relatives decided one day to settle in Extremadura with his wife Andrea, daughter of an English father and Spanish mother, to create quality wines. Anders grew wine in Bordeaux, where his father had moved to undertake new wine projects. At one point, the baby of the family saga alone decided to gain experience and to do a few years moved to Chile and Argentina Patagonia where he took his first steps in winemaking. Having gained this experience, marriage-Andrea Anders, set in Madrid, is set for a time in Tuscany, and in 2006 decided to take root in the heart of the beautiful region of the Villuercas Caceres. There remain, and that's where Anders Vinding-Diers has created the wonderful wine is now star of this post.

Mirabel 2010

This spectacular red grape thrives two different vineyards, each located in one of the two provinces of Extremadura. The Tempranillo vineyard has over thirty years and is planted in the Almendralejo (Badajoz) about 240 meters above ground, stony clay, the Cabernet Sauvignon has over ten years and is in an area of ​​stones in the vicinity of Plasencia (Cáceres) at a height of about 450 meters.

Mirabel 2010, a frenzy of fruit and liqueur nuances. 

To begin with this sensual tasting must say that red has deep garnet color and opaque, high layer.

We note that by serving the nose is filled with alcoholic burden will pass as time goes on, never to return. Going opening in the cup begins to perceive one coffee liqueur perfume sweeping, Galician style, which is mixed with deep red fruit notes and more tenuous, has hints of snuff leaf, bay leaf and licorice. All flavors are well integrated and full of freshness and "juiciness".

The drink is strong, powerful, very present tannins and good acidity. It is a poignant passage through the mouth, very long, which is transformed into a whole symphony of flavors ranging from ripe red fruit compote, a new meeting with the memories of the coffee liqueur. This wine is all a cocktail flavors: every moment is changing the fruit liqueur and liquor to the fruit due to a masterful use of wood in its production.

Its end is all ecstasy. We feel a chill in swallowing due to its astringency almost electric combined with a greedy sumptuousness causing more than a moan of pleasure. Let no one think that we are talking about a sudden or unbalanced wine, quite the contrary, we speak of a round wine that is gaining nuances as to be tasting and encourages us to open a new bottle immediately. How would the classic, is a great wine.

We propose stews pair it with chocolate feathered game, as well as strong soups, tripe, or succulent red meats.

If you have time, try it. It is a wine to share over lunch or a special dinner.Although some people may think that it is an expensive wine we do not believe it to be so long and tasty makes the tasting experience is so intense that in the end the price is cheaper. Do not hesitate to tell us how you went with this treasure Extremadura Mirabel cellar , we had the privilege of tasting alongside Barcelonavinos friends.

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