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Bodegas Rejadorada

Bodegas Rejadorada

D.O. Toro Spain

Bodegas Rejadorada was founded in the DO Toro in 1999, the Bodega is situated in a 16th Century winery in the centre of the historical town Toro, San Román de Hornija (Valladolid).  The harsh continental climate, the sandstone, clay and limestone soil offer the vines along the River Duero the ideal conditions for the production of high quality wines.

With a dedicated positive attitude towards wine making and all the right ingredients Bodegas Rejadoada have set themselves a very high standard and objective to continue to produce limited, exclusive high quality red wines adhering to and respecting the region’s characteristics and personality.

A few key facts of Bodegas Rejadorada:

•    The Bodegas vines age from 25 years to 92 years old.
•    Two different grape selection processes (during harvest & selector tables)
•    Strict control over the ripeness of the grapes and harvest dates
•    Refined vinification process based on advanced oenological technologies
•    Carefully selected oak casks from the finest barrel makers (Radoux, Seguin Moreau, Saury, Victoria Ballac)
•    Cleanliness of the bodegas

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